For profit companies selling products at schools

Several for-profit companies have been coming to my kids’ school to sell their products, such as yo-yos, candles and cookies. In exchange, these companies give a small percentage of their sales to the school and promote healthy activities (sports for example) and/or positive values (integrity, caring, respect, etc).

My husband and I have our own business, and business forces you to become liable for your actions. Every action brings consequences.

This makes me reflect on the consequences of the school and for-profit companies actions in my kids and family:

1) The need to acquire objects that they don’t need.

2) The creation of peer pressure, because if they don’t buy into it, they don’t feel IN.

3) The use of kids as sales rep to their parents.

I understand that nowadays we must pay for the luxury of an advertising free environment. I’m OK paying Netflix for the luxury of watching TV shows and movies without commercials. I’m happy to pay to Pandora to have music without commercials too. And I’ll be more than happy to pay the school to free my kids from being sales representatives of products made in China.

Why isn’t enough money in the schools in the first place? Why do parents need a material incentive to contribute to the school?


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