The art of giving

When I embarked on the adventure of teaching yoga, I never thought that it would be so hard on my ego.

In order to truly teach, I had to leave behind my ego’s demands on approval.

I quickly realized that teaching yoga requires patience, persistence and a clear intention. My intention is to elevate the state of consciousness of people around me. Of course this is easier to say than to do, since not everybody is ready to learn what you are so eager to teach. This is where patience and persistence come into play.

My ego tells me in one hand, “you are wasting your time trying to help people that aren’t ready for your”; but my heart tells me, “persist and remain firm in your yoga practice. Example is more powerful than words.”

“There are 3 types of people: those who are asleep and do not know it; let them sleep peacefully. Those who are awakening; stir them gently. Those who are awake; nurture them for they are the gardeners of the Universe. AND LOVE THEM ALL UNCONDITIONALLY.” Yogi Amrit Desai.


One thought on “The art of giving

  1. Beautiful awakening!!! I will enjoy your book of wisdom! and the simplicity of each freshly explained passage written in here….THANK YOU!

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