Going back to Source

That who sees comes from a different perspective, from above it all, untouched but all understanding. It knows it all because it is it all. Only when one surrenders to this, one finds ones’ true nature, only when removing one’s self image from the equation.

So… what’s the purpose of Life? To experience Life outside the Source, so we can turn back and see where we come from.

The same phenomena that occurs when looking at pictures from our last year vacation. We then realize how much fun we had. In that looking back moment, we understand the Source.

How can we make that looking back coincide with the present, so we can live in the eternal realization of the Source? By bringing our attention to our body, that’s anchored in the present.

One conciouss breath it’s all it takes for this realization to happen.

When I think about the Source, I think about this YouTube video. Enjoy!

Jai Bhagwan.


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