I’m not the doer

I’m an instrument of the divine. Oh God save me from my human nature. How much suffering can this flesh bear? and I still know, in the solitude of the quite, that you are waiting for me, but I can’t help this condition… and I try to surrender, over and over again. Some times I succeed, many times I fail, but something bigger than me, gives me the courage to keep making a fool of myself. I’m so naive to believe that I can walk the path that no one else has walked without tripping once…… oh yes, I will trip and it’s going to hurt, but somehow, I have the courage to keep walking in that direction, because something bigger than me is guiding me. You see… I am the fool to believe that I am the doer… the reality is that I’m just an instrument of the divine… and when I allow that to happen and I disappear in this experience… Only when I am no-one… is when the miracle of Life happens.


One thought on “I’m not the doer

  1. Well said. We all have bruises to show that we’ve gathered along the way as badges of honor that reflect our chosen path. Life will never make you give it up as experience and expansion of Self is what it seeks. There is no failure, there are only bruises along the way.

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