Planning: walking the fine line between living in the future and enjoying the present

Planning is a a double-sided sword. On one hand, gives us piece of mind, because it takes uncertainty out of the experience; but if done excessively, can take us away from enjoying the present moment.

In my experience coordinating many family trips, I’ve noticed that planning allows me to create a structure, the base, from which I’m free to be spontaneous and therefore enjoy the present. For example, I can rent a house for our summer vacation a year in advance, but I don’t plan the activities we are going to do there. I can learn the script to teach yoga, which is the structure, so I can have the freedom to add inspirational saying throughout the class.

The discipline of planning, although apparently strict and rigid, can provide peace of mind when it’s time to perform. Weren’t we more at peace going to school when we knew we had done our homework?


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