Escaping from the difficult

Does it really matter what activity we choose to be best at? This question arose observing my daughter’s insatiable need for trying something new. The idea that she can find something better, more exciting, more fashionable, and also easier that will allow her to escape her current difficult situation.

I have the stinky job of holding her in place to help her build the ability to go through the difficulties of any beginning.

Any activity, intellectual, spiritual or physical, is always boring and hard at the beginning, but there is no accomplishment without the commitment through this difficult phase. So my daughter can go through life jumping from one activity to another, escaping from the difficult, without ever accomplishing anything… of course, it’s also my job to painfully allow her to make mistakes. This is my difficult phase.

As Steve Jobs said, “even people who want to go to heaven, don’t want to die”.

Perhaps the answer to my question then is, that it doesn’t really matter what activity we choose to do, as long as we put our best effort into it. The crops will not be immediate (hard to swallow concept in the instant-gratification-society we live in) but it may be a step to THE activity that we were meant to perform as a unique manifestation of the Universe.


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