Getting things in perspective

We sometimes are reluctant to accept things as they are, and try to force our mental expectations on reality. The result: over-worked, over-scheduled, over-stressed with under-remunerated, under-fulfilled lives.

I see this all the time at work. For example, I promised a job in 1 day, when in reality it’s going to take me 3 days to complete. I did it because I like the client so much that I want to please him in any way I can. After all, he is feeding my family and I should be thankful for that. So I ask my supplier to deliver the material in 1 day. I’ve worked for so long with this supplier, that we are almost like family. He does anything for me, because he’s thankful for the business I bring that allows him to feed his family. So, my supplier tells his wife, “Honey, I’m very busy this weekend, because there is a rush job from my favorite client that needs to be fulfilled, and I can not let her down. After all, she is the one who brings the jobs that feed our family”. The weekend goes by. The supplier misses his kids baseball game and her wife’s invitation to the movies. The job is delivered as promised ON TIME, but at what cost?

To me, the real cost is measured in the missed experiences with our loved ones and in the stressed induced illnesses, just to name few. And all of this because someone at the top of the chain of events, wasn’t honest with his/her client about the real time that things take. Because we are too afraid to tell the truth, and prefer to go on the easy path of pleasing, which in reality makes Life harder.

Are we ready to do a reality check every time someone asks something from us? Asking ourselves “if I say YES, am I bringing shit into my Life?”.


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