Stop the non-sense and let’s get real with what humanity needs to work on!

1. It’s not normal to follow society’s dream to achieve financial and professional success in detriment of the next generation, or haven’t we realized that these kids are being left orphans in the hands of institutional care?

2. It’s not normal that the extended family doesn’t participate raising these kids, because they are too busy fulfilling the american dream of retiring in a gated community and playing golf all day.

3. It’s not normal that parents working hours don’t match kids’ school hours, so an estranger needs to be paid to do the parent’s job.

4. It’s not normal that, in schools, students eat frozen processed food in the name of convenience because outsourcing is easier than having to manage an in-house full kitchen.

5. It’s not normal that mediocre after school care is tax deductible, and quality privately paid programs are not.

6. It’s not normal to have 2-weeks-vacation per year when kids are off school 3 months in the summer, costing parents an arm and a leg to keep them busy in summer camps. Again, paying someone to do the parent’s job.

7. It’s not normal that mothers aren’t paid to stay at home with their babies until they are at least 2-years-old.

8. It’s not normal that a family of 5 pays $600 a month for a “$10,000-deductible-health-insurance-plan”.

9. It’s not normal that this same health insurance doesn’t cover neither optical nor dental care.

10. It’s not normal that alternative medicine and fitness aren’t covered by health insurances.

11. It’s not normal that teachers are paid miserable salaries.

12. It’s not normal that USA is flooded with cheap merchandise, beautifully HAND made in China, at the cost of slaving chinese workers. If the chinese could only see how that merchandise is wasted by the spoiled american kids…

12. It’s not normal that stores remain open 24 / 7, or haven’t we realized that in order for this to happen, employees must work those inhuman hours away from their homes, in the name of convenience? Because making a profit during regular business hours is not enough?

When did we start outsourcing child care and seeing it as normal?…

When did we start working inhuman long hours creating a productivity surplus only enjoyed by few?…


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