Parenting by example

We can only teach who we are. What a revolutionary concept that shatters the old paradigm of teaching by force and punishment.

As parents, we exercise great power over our kids. It’s easily abused by parents who aren’t conscious enough to see themselves and the World around them outside the rolls that society has thought them through their parents and grandparents.

Let’s be very clear about this: if you want to see changes in the behavior of your kids, you have to BE those changes.

You wouldn’t brush the hair of your reflection in the mirror if you want to change your look. You brush yourself first, and the reflection will automatically fix itself. Our kids are that mirror. They bring an invaluable opportunity to parents to see themselves, completely naked… beyond the layers of believes and habits. And these kids are willing to take the hit until parents learn that lesson. I’m talking about the hit of the violent reaction produced when parents see their traumas and frustrations reflected.

Parents, be thankful for having kids that push your buttons every day!

You will not avoid the reaction, but you can be aware of the reaction itself, and eventually, be at peace with that fact.


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