You are unrepeatable

“You have never happened before, and you are not going to happen again. It is only possible with you. You are unrepeatable.” Osho IV

Last night, my daughter said to me: “I wish I had your black hair… my friend from school is a better painter than me…” in other words, she was describing herself in relation to the people around her.

Comparing is a natural skill of our analytical mind. The problem, and here’s my punch line, is when we IDENTIFY with what the mind says.

In the case of my daughter, she thinks that she is not meeting “the standard” set by mommy and her friend. Who is setting that “standard”? her own mind of course; but because she IDENTIFIES herself with what her mind says, she can not see it.

It’s such a foolish game, because if Osho is right about us being unrepeatable, the very fact that someone is walking a path, means that we can not be walking that same path, not now, not ever! Wishing to be like them and setting that person as our standard of achievement, is simply SELF INFLICTED SUFFERING, and doing it over and over again expecting different results, it’s… well… INSANITY.


2 thoughts on “You are unrepeatable

  1. on a personal note…. please tell Maya that I think she is one of the most beautiful girl I have seen. I love the color of her hair especially with her beautiful brown eyes. She is stunning!

    PS. You are absolutely right!

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