Unconditionally present

I hear it all the time in self-help books and seminars: BE PRESENT. But what I’ve found is that it’s very easy to be present when things go our way, not so much when the opposite happens.

During a weekend with Bhagavan Das at the Amrit Yoga Institute, Bhagavan Das said something like “you must clear the room, find your chair, and seat on it, this is how you own your place in the Universe… you must have DEVOTION”. It was clear to me that the only way to strengthen MY ABILITY TO BE PRESENT, NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES ARE, is to be DEVOTED to “clearing my room = my body-mind”.

So I decide to commit to my yoga practice, one hour a day, every day until a die! Pretty impressive, ah? The first 2 weeks I was so energized from the weekend at the ashram, that it was piece of cake. The third week, my ego started talking: “there are other ways of doing this… you are taking time away from your husband (right, at 5:30 AM EVERYBODY in the house is sound asleep)… this is too much for your body… etc”

I got around my ego by repeating the mantra “right here, right now” while moving my arm, then my leg, until my whole body was able to arrive at the mat. Even in the mat, my mind was taking me outside the present experience, but this time I followed the advise of a Ho’oponopono master and said “I love you, I’m sorry for creating this memory that is reacting to the present, please forgive me, and thank you for bringing the opportunity to liberate myself from it”. By embracing that, that was taking me away from union with the source through yoga, I was able to break the spell. How simple and powerful is that?

If you think about it, what kept me PRESENT when waking up at 5:30 AM and performing yoga poses (very unpleasant), was the ACCEPTANCE of the unpleasant feeling, which requires UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for ALL ASPECTS of myself.


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