Sidetracking into elections

Imagine if the Republican candidate had to give a speech at a Democratic Convention, and President Obama had to give a speech at a Republican Convention.

Imagine that they would have to defend their political proposals in front of this audience, that perhaps, would even question their believe systems.

And imagine that we could all see this LIVE!

We need an authentic exchange of ideas between our leaders, not a staged debate, filled with dirty tricks and one-sided statistics. We need the efficient business minds of the Republicans and the social sensibility of the Democrats to make a great nation. We need BOTH parties to make this work in a direction that is sustainable and benefits us all!

Please stop trashing one another in an endless childish race toward power, while money and brilliant minds are wasted.

Please drop the arguments, grow up and put your energy toward the same goal: a country that not only tolerates differences, but dares to encourage them.

Please stop telling me that I should vote for you because your opponent is a worse option. I want to see your merits, not your ability disqualify your contender.

I don’t expect perfection… a best effort will do.


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