Redefining family

My own experience has made me understand that the mother is the central energy force of the family. I’m not saying this figuratively, but literally.

Mothers must take ownership of their space in the house, meaning: saying NO to our partners when what’s proposed or demanded is not for the best interest for all, or speaking up when we FEEL that something is wrong, and be ready to defend our point of view with REASON.

Mothers must understand that the well being of the family depends in the development of their voices.

We must forgive ourselves first for ALLOWING an unbalanced relationship with the other sex for so many years. And then forgive our partners. Yes, stop the feminist cycle of anger. We must conciliate, negotiate and find middle grounds.

We must embrace the polarity that men bring to the family. They are, as much as the mothers, an indispensable part of a healthy home.

We can not build from hate anything that is sustainable. Only UNCONDITIONAL LOVE can build the life that we have always dreamed of.


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