Choosing between illusion and reality

After indulging in fantasy world watching a corny soap opera for one week, I came to the realization that, objectively, the ILLUSIONS of the mind are lame compared to the experience of REALITY. Here’s why:
Illusion: Doesn’t belong to you. It’s a memory from the past or a projection into the future. It’s in 2D. Doesn’t smell or taste. It’s very repetitive.
Reality: Belongs to you and only you. It’s unique and unrepetable. It’s in 3D. It not only has smell and taste, but can also be perceived with all our senses.
Isn’t it amazing that despite these facts, we spend most of our time in fantasy world?
Perhaps we only need to stick to the facts to maintain our inner space of neutrality, where the Devine dwells, eternally and unconditionally.

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