The reason I speak to you mothers is because you are an important portal for the Divine wisdom.

Through your womb the un-manifested is created. You have a natural connection to the Divine. You are open to feel, not afraid to hold the space for suffering.

Understand that this is your time to speak up. Remaining in silence is not an option any longer. The balance of the planet depends on that.

You are the energetic center of the home. The well being of all its members depends on your well being.

Own your place. Speak loud and clear your intuition because it is a gift to humanity. Walk away from resentment and learn to forgive the opposite sex, because the truth is, that you need it to create the New Earth.

1. Allow your loved ones to be as they are. Even if that means watching them make mistakes. Understand that everything is always in Divine order.

2. That which you are resisting bears the best lessons for you.

3. Your job is not to stop your loved ones from feeling pain.
4. Empathy doesn’t mean identifying and owning people’s suffering. Empathy is about holding the space of unconditional love for those who are going through moments of suffering, with the understanding that they are temporary and for their best. Understand that suffering is never bigger than us.
5. Practice the non-labeling rule. Remain objective through the passage of emotions in your body. Understand that the relationship with this person that is triggering your reactions was divenely design for your spiritual advancement.
6. When someone ask you a question, please ask yourself BEFORE answering: “if I say yes, am I bringing shit into my life?”. You can not agree, JUST FOR THIS TIME, because you are creating an expectation that is not sustainable. Never settle for less than what’s best for all.
7. Speak up when necessary, in a loving and compassionate way.
8. You are the center of energy of the house. Your only job is to cultivate an space of neutrality that serves as catalyst for all family members.
9. You can not force change into your loved ones, but you can be the change that you want to see in them.
10. Your relationship with the opposite sex must start from forgiveness. The reality is that you are 100% responsible for the way this relationship is manifesting in your life.
11. Perfect the art of non-doing by waiting and observing. Not doing anything is sometimes the best “action” because enables our loved ones to train themselves in good judgement.
12. Comparing one another’s experiences comes from ignoring 2 things:
That we are one and that we all have unique paths.
13. We are all inclusive. The Divine and Human aspects are sides of the same coin. The problem is that our minds can’t comprehend that opposites coexist, that there is a dance between them, and therefore nothing remains static. At times, we will express one aspect more strongly over the other, but it doesn’t mean that the unexpressed one disappears. It’s just dormant until the opportunity arises.
14. Our job is not to tell our kids what to do, but to make them build good judgement on their own, even if this means allowing them to fail and make mistakes.
15. Make your judgement count by developing a clear and strong voice that can reason objectively with any member of the family, away from emotions and into the facts.
16. Developing your own voice may cause rejection from friends and family. They are always the last ones to understand your transformation, but the first ones to receive its benefits.
17. Stop following your loved ones around. It sends a clear signal that they are the leaders instead of you. You want to lead by example.
18. You don’t have to be perfect to light up the candle in the home. Just accept yourself as you are in this very moment: the imperfect miracle of life.
19. We are so busy giving, understanding and loving, that we don’t have time to receive. Hold still, breath, and give yourself permission to receive. If you feel guilty is because of a collective memory that has labeled women as martyrs. It has nothing to do with who you are and what you deserve. Yes, you deserve all those wishes that you whisper at night that are stock in your throat. Scream out loud. The Universe has been waiting to hear your voice. Know that the Divine is on your side. You are not alone.
20. Give up control. It may feel like controlling the life of your loved ones is for “their good”. What you are not understanding is that you are disabling them to evolve in their path.

2 thoughts on “Awake

  1. Great article.
    Very well stated and spoken from truth indeed. There is life and there is love. These are absolutes… Unwavering without duality and connected to the divine.
    Then there is loving and there is living. These are mired in duality and are tainted by our emotions and lack of intelligence.
    Removing our emotions from situations puts us on the path to intelligence. Life is intelligence with the sole objective of being more intelligent. Love and life are the same.

    • It took me 6 months to build the courage to write it. You know, my humanity playing the game of self doubt. Thank you for your comments. It makes me think that I’m not crazy after all 😄

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