Absolute 12’s

1. Realize that you are the Universe.
2. Realize that you as the Universe have the power of creation.
3. Realize that the power of creation is limitless.
4. Realization is not enough. You must do the physical work to keep the candle lit.
5. You must cultivate the discipline of stillness and become the master of your mind.
6. Be patient, because the more you look for something the more it will elude you.
7. Surrender to your Higher Self.
8. Let go of control of your destiny to your Higher Self.
9. Enjoy the ride of life and be thankful for all its gifts.
10. Accept yourself as you are, and accept others as they are.
11. Take full responsibility for your life. You and only YOU can play this game.
12. Let go of all traumas from the past.


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