Who are we responsible to?

It depends on who we ask this question to. If asked to our parents, the may say “you are responsible to your family”. If asked to our spouse, he/she may say “you are responsible to our marriage”. If asked to a judge, he may say “you are responsible to society”.
The truth is that we are only responsible to ourselves. I know it sounds “selfish”, but when you think about it, what can you offer to society, the marriage and family, if you have self sacrificed so much that there is nothing left of you to give in the first place?
Artists, for example, remind us this truth because they outreagosly express themselves regardless of what the World think of them. We admire them and pay anything to watch them permorme; but why is it OK for them and not for us, in other words, what’s stopping us? Concepts about who we are SUPPOSED to be and how we are SUPPOSED to behave. Concepts are the bars of our self made jail.
How do we escape from this jail? Perhaps the answer is in what Barry Long once said “Self knowledge expresses itself as freedom”.



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