Is it destiny or resonance?

Do we have a destiny? If so, can we use our free will to either fulfill it or reject it? If we fulfill it, do we become happier, and if we reject it, do we suffer more? Perhaps the question is not about destiny, but about RESONANCE.
The Universe is built on the principle of resonance, which explains how the law of attaction works: objects with similar resonance attract, and objects with distant resonance don’t meet. And that’s how we create or DESTINY, by using free will to change our resonance at any point in time.
The logical question then is: How do we change our resonance? It is by cleaning our shit. I call shit the source of our reactions such as the memory of being abandoned by our parents, if we were orphans, the memory of being betrayed when our boyfriend cheating on us, and so on.
In truth, free will boils down to choosing from only two options: to consciously clean up our shit, or to unconsciously allow the shit to accumulate and run our lives.



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