Resistance can only be dismantled by awareness not by fighting it

There is a resistance in me to write this words. Does it mean that I shouldn’t write them? or is it that the momentum from the habit of not writing is resisting my intention to change? This process repeats over and over in my life: me wanting to change, and resistance, within and without, arising.
The resistance outside is easy to take care of because it’s a reflection of the inside, so the logical question to ask is: how can I remove resistance so I can accomplish change?
What has worked for me is:
1) Observing my resistance from an emotionless witness point of view, which creates a pause in the negative thought stream.
2) Redirecting my attention to gratefulness, in other words, what’s already good in my life.
3) Creating new points of attraction or intentions that take my life in a more beneficial and joyful direction.
4) Sticking to these intentions by repeating them when moments of doubt arise.



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