No need for religion or moral standards when I realize that I’m not separate

Moral behavior used to be only possible through religious practice, but what if I knew beyond any doubt, that I’m not independent from anything, or even better, that I’m dependent on everything. Would I think and act differently, more “morally correct” in religious terms? I suspect that the answer is YES.
This knowledge can potentially eradicate poverty and violence, because how can I inflict suffering in others if I AM those “others”. The cause of the inequity in our society is a sense of separation, not only between humans, but also between humans and nature. Perhaps the most tragic consequence of the development of our brain is the IGNORANCE of the reality that ALL is connected.
If human race is to survive, this ignorance will be replaced by the awareness of the unity behind everything. All religions and spiritual practices will expire, as well as any institution of law and order. We won’t need written papers, such as the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, or the Constitution, to keep us from committing crimes against Life, because we will finally understand that WE are Life; that there is no ours and theirs, only the “I” that includes everything.



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