Yes, I can help you, but in my own terms

file3641283618643Cleaning myself from energetically wasteful emotions has been a priority in my life. I now know that’s the only way I can experience my natural state: joy, freedom and love.
At the same time, I realize that I can not force my priority on others, not even my closest friends and family members, because we all have FREE WILL.


Out of unconsciousness, we use this FREE WILL to create chaos and suffering, until it becomes unbearable. It’s usually at this point when we ask for help.


At times, I find myself in the “help giver” roll. My first reaction is to blame the “chaos creator”, specially if it’s my mom and kids, which of course is a futile exercise.

Why do I blame them and why does it bother me? It’s because I FEEL RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR SUFFERING. When I saw the lie in this statement, it liberated me.


The truth is that I can not be responsible for anyone’s suffering because, thanks to free will, we are all creating our reality, consciously or unconsciously; but what can I do when someone URGENTLY asks for help? don’t take it seriously or personally, because in the end, we can never HELP others but only INSPIRE them.


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