Cleaning up my shit

I call SHIT all the habits, believes, and emotions that don’t serve me any longer. I have mostly adopted them from my parents, but I have also picked up a bunch from my culture.
For example, I grew up in the latino housewife belief system where I’m expected to self-sacrifice for the family and oath unconditional loyalty to my husband as a token of gratitude to the male provider that chose me among all other women.
I’m not saying that this belief system is wrong. I’m only pointing out the power that we have as free will creators to change any belief that doesn’t make us happy.
Emotions are always rooted in a belief. Emotions expressed as reactions in the present, help us identify what beliefs add to our happiness or to our misery.
In the past I believed, for instance, that my worthiness derived from being desired by a man. The slight rejection from a man I liked, triggered a negative emotion in me. Because I thought that this belief was part of my personality, and that personality was something that I was born with and couldn’t change, I lived miserably-ever-after.
But soon enough I realized that there was no reality outside of me, that I was responsible for the negative reaction because I was the one choosing to depend on someone else for my happiness.



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