Nothing wrong can ever happen to me

What if I live without a past and a future? What if I stop taking my thoughts and feelings seriously? What if my apparent errors are the only way for myself and others to embody happiness? What then, would be left to do?
I was driving to the grocery store yesterday tormenting myself by thinking about what my ex would be doing with his new girlfriend, my mind when round and around running scenarios that justified my unworthiness. But suddenly, when my misery was unbearable, I stop thinking and became present. It felt like waking up from a nightmare. I couldn’t stop laughing. I wasn’t happy, I was excited! I realized that the present is self-contained with everything that I needed or will ever need.
I’m sure you have read this kind of revelations before, and you might be asking yourself “yes that’s great for you, but what do I do with that information?” and my point is that there is really nothing to be done, because our life experiences, no matter what shape they take, are inevitably taking us there, to Nirvana. There are no shortcuts in this process, nor avoidable suffering, because suffering precisely, is what take us to Nirvana.
If there is any advise I can give, is to embrace your suffering by journaling about it with the pure intention of exposing it. Don’t be afraid of going to your deepest and darkest side, where all your fears are hiding, because it is your shadow side the only door toward enlightenment, and yes, either you resist it or not, Life is taking you there in the most unexpected ways.



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