There is nothing outside Natural or Divine

I tattooed my body recently. A friend of mine warned me that because I was introducing an unnatural element to my body, the ink, it was going to react making me feel sick. And he was right. I had to rest for a full day. But the use of the word “unnatural” made me think: Is it even possible to experience “unnatural” if it’s true that Life is all inclusive? There seem to be a split between what’s man-made and what’s natural. When did we separate from Nature? It’s obviously a concept because the reality is that we only exist because we have a body that is part of Nature.

The ink is natural because is man-made, and man is Nature.
A separation of any kind is an illusion. It comes from the limitation of the mind to perceive one side of the coin at a time instead of the coin as a whole.

It’s very liberating to shift from an “exclusive” to an “inclusive” consciousness. It means stepping away from the resistance of rigid concepts to the acceptance of the ever-changing experience of Life, where not only night and day coexist, but also friends and lovers, fear and love, sadness and happiness.

By embracing our negative aspects as much as the positives, we acknowledge the Divine in us.



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