Dissection of a broken heart

What happens when our hearts are broken? Why is such a common experience?
A broken heart is a result of the ultimate RESISTANCE to WHAT IS. “I can not accept that my beloved is leaving me”. Either because he/she died or because he/she decided to walk away from the relationship, it feels like we are left with a hole, with an emptiness in our hearts that seems impossible to fill with anyone else.
A broken heart is a grieving process, where we roller coast through feelings of extreme sadness, anger and exhaustion. It consumes our energy making us too weak to fight back.
Thoughts about our beloved are constant and emotionally charged, perpetuating the cycle of sadness, anger and exhaustion. For days, months or even years, we are beaten down, until one day we can’t take it any longer and just for a moment we surrender, we give up our fight and finally DIE TO THE PRESENT because the past and the future are simply too painful to bear. Only then we can be reborn, anew, beautifully scared but undeniably alive.
We may go back and forth about the why’s and should’s of what happened, but over time they weaken as we realize that perhaps there is life after a broken heart, that the reason why he/she left is to allow for something better to come, that we are not incomplete without our beloved, that in fact, we can not be anything but whole, just as we are now.



2 thoughts on “Dissection of a broken heart

  1. This is a great post and was particularly helpful today. While I am aware of it, sometimes, in the thick of things, you need someone to remind you. Cheers!

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