Making decisions?

10341709_558656387582444_3827114186870467257_nWe play God when we make decisions. We are God when we realize that “I am the I”. But we can only know God in the absence of thought when “I” or “am” cease to exist. Nevertheless, I have often been in situations where a person or circumstance requires a decision from me. It’s always about choosing between agreeing or disagreeing to the situation, in other words, between saying yes or no in an active or a passive way.
I’ve found that during this, at times turbulent moments, the only thing that guarantees a harmonious outcome is asking myself “does this work for me, or am I pleasing to avoid conflict?” before saying anything.
Once I realized that there is no reality outside of me, I stopped wanting to teach and inspire change. I realized that the most powerful action is my silent gratitude and love for all that is without trying to alter it. Any impulse to do and say to others, was a way to do and say something to myself. The conflicts I had with my mother, was with my inner mother, the worries for my kids, were the worries for my inner child. Nothing had to do with the outside, but with the relationship with the different facets of myself.

We can either force change following what WE THINK IS RIGHT, or we can allow change to happen naturally, by simply acting according to what makes more sense to us in the moment.


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