The Universe never stops listening, not to my words, but to my resonance

file00061139701Resonance is the language of God. It’s how the Universe communicates. Resonance is simply our tune, product of our current state of consciousness. It’s the mechanics behind the Law of Attraction.

Only the people who resonate with us can arise in our experience. That’s how we create our reality.

If we want abundance in our lives, we have to resonate with that high frequency. How? by removing ANY BELIEF that doesn’t support the frequency of abundance:

1: Recognize that my natural state is bliss.

2: Recognize that any thought or feeling that takes me away from my natural state of bliss comes from a belief. I’m going to call it an alien.

3: Recognize that this alien has no density and it’s made out of fears.

4: Recognize that this alien is only alive because I believe that the fears, that is made out of, are true.

5: Recognize that the alien is very good at telling me compelling stories, so enchanting that sometimes I won’t be able to stop myself from following them into my shadow side and away from my bliss.

6: Recognize that I am capable of transforming my shadow side into bliss.

7: Recognize that these fears easily dissolve as soon as I embrace them and tell them how much I love them for making me the person that is now writing these words.

8: Recognize that pain is inevitable when embracing my shadow side, but it’s the only way to embody happiness.


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