Why if I know that I will never be perfect I still want to strive towards that ideal?

This question stroke me when I caught myself comparing a friend of mine to a standard of beauty that has been stored in my head from my ballet days. I’ve been doomed from those days to never find the perfect partner who could completely please my eyes. I always end up compromising to avoid loneliness.
Then I thought that if it’s true that the people around me are only reflecting back who I am, I have a real problem because this indicates that I’m only seeing how far they are from my standards of beauty instead of appreciating them as they are right now. Even worse, I can not see myself as I am right now… I can not accept or love myself as I am right now.
I’m finally understanding that perfection has nothing to do with how close I am to a standardized model, but how much I can accept myself as I am.
Likewise beauty has to do with my inner state. I can only see beauty in an external object because it connects with the beauty that’s awakened in my heart.



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