The legend of the wild wolf who betrayed her master

From the studio of Meaningful Connections:

There was a legend of a wolf that got lost in a new moon. She wondered around for days and nights during a cold and bitter winter. When she was about to die, a kind hunter rescued her and brought her to his home. Fed her and trained her to hunt with him. For years they were to most successful partners. The wolf was very happy, but there was a calling, something inexplicable was pulling her to look at the sky. On a full moon night, the wolf dared to follow her calling. She looked up and there it was, the radiant moon, so bright that all the trees and the lake became visible. The wolf was hypnotized by its beauty. The moon’s rhythms became her rhythms.

One dark and bitter cold night, during a new moon, the wild wolf in her, awakened by the power of the full moon, whispered to her hears “it’s time to leave the hunter”. Would she leave following her instincts or would she stay following her commitment to the hunter? That was the question that I faced after 20 years of relationship with my husband.


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