Can I stop the stories in my head from defining me?

Listening to a horror story with my son, I wondered what makes me immune to it. Why am I not scared as my son is? My son gets scared because he believes that the story is true and I don’t.
As a matter of fact no thought or feeling are true. Truth is “MY experience now”. It can only happen in the present and it can only be sensed by MY body.
I emphasize MY, not for selfish reasons, but because I AM the only perspective from which I can experience Life. In fact, I AM (and you are in your own I AM) the only way the Universe can see itself.
The “I” that I speak about is both, the impersonal and the particular, the essence and the surface, the ego and the Divine, the temporary and the eternal, the exclusive and the inclusive. Our awareness is constantly toggling between these polarities even though they coexist simultaneously.
Can you live without the stories that define you? Or can you only hope to replace the bad stories for more uplifting ones? I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR COMMENTS ABOUT IT 🙂



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