Do you think that you NEED to be loved by someone?

The straightforward answer is NO. My story may explain why:
I have cleaned my life from lots of resistances, but there was one person whom I was keeping at bay out of fear, the fear of letting him break my heart again.
I overcame this resistance by inviting him for coffee. This is not the first time I had done that. My approach to him was in cycles: I felt the urge to interact, I would feed my hope to be back with him, he would express his commitment to his new relationship, I would get mad and slam the door behind me by blocking any kind of communication. Still the attraction was undeniable, which made me repeat the cycle for almost a year.
This last time was different. I had the cleaning tools of the ancient Hawaiian wisdom of Hooponopono ( As I was setting up the place and time of the meeting, panic arose, I breathed and repeated as a mantra “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, and thank you”. After few minutes, my body started to calm down. Tears kept coming down and I could still feel a knot in my throat, but there was room in my chest. I could literally breath again. I decided to commit to this encounter for the sole purpose of cleaning. It was obvious, from my body’s reaction, that this was an invaluable opportunity.
We had a great conversation as usual. By the end, I felt the urge to dump my feelings on him. I usually repress this kind of impulses, but this time I couldn’t help it. I told him how jealous of his girlfriend I was, how I wished I was her, and how I hated him from time to time. He was surprised but I didn’t care. I had to do this for my own good.
As soon as I got back to my office, I felt horribly depressed. I hated myself for feeling jealous and confessing it, I hated him for not wanting to be with me, and I hated his girlfriend for having him. I cried during the whole day until I was exhausted, and then something magic but simple happened, I realized beyond any doubt that I LOVE HER AS MUCH AS I LOVE HIM. I went from wanting to love a specific form (him) to loving all forms without exceptions. In that moment, I embodied IMPERSONAL and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. I understood that the pain from my human condition led me to this moment, and it was TOTALLY WORTH IT.
Over the following days he became less and less relevant in my life as my goddess powers strengthen through new and exciting events and people around me.
I finally remembered that as a goddess I’m the holder of the womb of Life, where light becomes matter, where all can be transmuted into love. I didn’t NEED his love for validation. I was free from this self-made prerequisite for happiness.
Perhaps Divinity delights in me when I admit and embrace my human condition 😉



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