Going against my resistance is not the same as going against the natural current of Life

PICT0009_stitchI was speaking with a friend of mine yesterday who was puzzled by the title of this blog. I gave him the example of the challenge that writing my book represented. The desire to write a book has made me face two resistances: an inner one, made out of fears of disapproval, unworthiness and failure; and an outer one, made out of “apparent” negative circumstances such as my editor quitting on me, a publisher rejecting my book proposal, or my busy schedule at work.
My job as a conscious being is to recognize the function of both resistances and use them in my favor. I see the inner resistance as an alien, the voice of my subconscious. Its function is to bring my shit (beliefs that don’t serve us any longer) into my awareness so I can dismantle its power by simply recognizing that IT’S NOT TRUE. I personally use Ho’oponopono for that. The outer resistance is more like a guiding mechanism, just like the structure that guides the cart under the water through a roller coaster ride. Even though it seems like I’m crashing (apparent negative circumstances), I’m actually being pushed into a better path in alignment with the natural current of Life… why? Because only when I’m aligned I can experience happiness, and THAT’S ALL WE ARE HERE FOR!
What I have realized is that as long as I take care of my inner resistances, by spotting and surrendering them to Divinity, the outer resistances will take care of themselves. It’s a matter of trusting that the whole Universe is confabulating for me to EMBODY HAPPINESS NOW 🙂



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