Postcards to the Universe: a global movement for manifestation with Melisa Caprio

From the studio of my radio show, Meaningful Connections:

Postcards to the Universe is a visual project using photography or art with handwritten manifestations using the Law of Attraction. It was created by author and professional photographer Melisa Caprio, who got inspired to put together this project few years ago at one the darkest points of her life.

“We all wish for things to happen in our lives. We do it before we blow out the candles on our birthday cake. We do it before we pull on a wishbone. We do it before throwing coins in a fountain. But then the wish is gone, rarely thought of again, if ever. And we go back to our daily lives; lives of stress, strain and struggle, nestled in our comfort zone that isn’t really all that comfortable. What if you had the Universe’s ear, where you could harness your own power, reach your full potential and tap into your deepest creativity, what then?”.

Compelled to participate? Visit Melisa’s website and start making your dreams come true TODAY


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