What does it mean to live authentically?

From the studio of my radio show, Meaningful Connections (15 min):

Most life coaches and authors would agree that authenticity is the key to a fulfilled life; but in practical terms, what does this mean? When we have to make a decision, how do we respond authentically?

1. Knowing what I want:

Throughout life I never asked myself, “What do I want?”. I was too busy pleasing in turn my parents, teachers, boyfriends, husband and kids. I finally reached a tipping point at age 39, when the constant sense of dissatisfaction forced me to search for answers within.

2. Expressing what I want through unhesitant action:

It’s more valuable to my evolution to act, either in reaction or in response to life circumstances, than to be paralyzed by the fear of making a mistake.

3. Developing a thick skin against judgment:

I came to terms with the fact that people around me aren’t going to accept my new authentic self, that they are going to react out of fear of losing me, that they are going to fight to get my old self back.


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