I declare my freedom from the responsibility of making you happy


I’ve learned to accept you when you’re upset.

I’ve learned to not feel guilty when I press your buttons.

I’ve learned to keep my spirit high in the midst of your reactions.
I’ve learned to accept my own reactions when you press my buttons.
I’ve learned to exercise my right to be happy.
I’ve learned to express what makes me happy.
I’ve learned to synchronize my actions with this happy path without hesitation, which is mostly triggered by guilt.
I’ve learned to be happy with what I have.
I’ve learned that home is where my heart is regardless of the geography and the people in it.
I’ve learned to navigate my emotions and the emotions of others.
I’ve learned to be at peace with my desires.
I’ve learned to honor my desires in a joyful, instead of regretful way.
And I have specially learned that I want to be with someone that can be happy independently from me.



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