Releasing fears, that’s all there is to do

IMG_3421We didn’t come here to learn any lessons, but to release fears. That’s our contribution to life’s evolution, and it’s the reason we must pursue our desires.
The pursuit of desire is embedded in our human experience. It’s meant to be explored and leveraged for the purpose of creation —not to be feared as religion and other dogmas have made us believe. Desiring is as necessary as stillness.
In this human experience, in this manifested World, in the “tree of good and evil”, we are challenged to embrace the opposites in order to fulfill our life’s purpose, which is to create with a particular flavor given by our unique egos.
We’ve feared and subdued our egos out of ignorance. This sense of unique identity that the ego provided deceived us to believe that we were separate from the rest. It’s not until recently that we began to understand the interconnected nature of the Universe where one’s action inevitably impacts the whole, where we began to take responsibility for our lives, and where we “became the change” that we wanted to see in others.
With an educated ego we can embrace this “shadow side” —full of wild desires— and never be afraid of harming others. CONSCIOUSLY acting on the desire that makes our heart sing, that puts a smile in our face, inevitably creates situations that force us to RELEASE our RESISTANCES —fear-based-beliefs— that are stopping us from fulfilling our life’s purpose, hence embodying happiness in the eternal now.


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