Where do we derive our identity if not from the past? with author Carl Bozeman

From the studio of my radio show, Meaningful Connections (30 min):

Carl has always been spiritually connected and driven to know the higher purposes of our existence on Earth. Over his lifetime he has sometimes felt haunted by the “otherness” of life we routinely fail to comprehend in the hustle and bustle of a very narrow view of awareness we all seem to accept as reality. That “otherness” is about which he writes.

“Now is all there is and is the only point in time or space where we have total creative control and the ability to free ourselves from the junk of past thinking. The past, or history, has no reality other than that which we give it in our mind, in our thinking. Our ability to reincarnate our history and pull it forward into our present along with all the feelings and emotions we experienced is the part of the creative process that keeps us locked in with what we already have or are.”

I asked Carl, after reading this exerpt from his book On Being God, “Where do we derive our identity from if not from the past? He replied: “We are something else that knows no such (human) identity. It is the discovery of that (who you really are, before you were born) that will free you from all the crazy expectations of a world that believes it knows what is best for you.”

You can buy his books, “On Being God: Beyond Your Life’s Purpose”, “On Human Being: Loving & Living Without Purpose”, and “Are You Listening? Addressing the Divine Within” in Amazon:



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