It’s time to embrace our egos

After battling my ego for so many years through meditation and the reading of insightful books, I wondered about its role in our evolution. The fact is that we were born with an ego that is designed to desire. Despite the suffering caused by its insatiable wanting, the ego can’t be eliminated, instead it can be trained as our ally in creation. How? By educating it.
An educated ego knows:
1. That is interconnected with the whole; therefore, it understand that its actions inevitably affect the rest.
2. That is a guidance system because it is the force behind the desire that propels every soul toward the fulfillment of its life’s purpose.
3. That only by offering the fruits of that desire to the service of the whole, it can embody happiness in the eternal now.
The prejudicial aspect of ego is not that it constantly wants something new, it’s that it expects a specific result.
It’s perhaps our next stage in evolution to embrace the power of ego—our shadow side—to propel us into an inclusive action that benefits us all.



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