The power of emptiness

Nothing has been more powerful in my life than emptying my mind. It’s an ongoing process that is effortless yet requires acute self-reflection. It’s a way of living driven by the intention of embodying happiness in the eternal now.
I’ve realized two ways of becoming empty:
1. Through the mind: by replacing core beliefs that don’t serve me any longer. This is based in the traditional way of creating our reality through a narrative. The pillars of this narrative are beliefs that we have—consciously or unconsciously—adopted as truthful. Those beliefs are vibrationally charged with either love or fear—and everything in between—and are responsible for our emotions. When emotions arise as reactions to a situation, we have the opportunity to replace that belief with another one that vibrates closer to love. Katie Byron and Bashar offer excellent techniques for that.
2. Through the heart: by surrendering to THE PRESENT all thoughts that aren’t relevant to the task at hand. I realized that it take three ingredients to do this:
1) OBSERVE my thoughts as a witness, instead of getting involved—and lost—in the drama of my life.
2) ALLOW my emotions to flow through my body when a person or circumstance presses my buttons.
3) LET GO from the heart with the Ho’oponopono mantra “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you” (Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono®
Thoughts and emotions are bundles of energy trapped in our psyche and bodies. They want our attention and love, so they can be released back into the Universe. Instead of being tormented by them, we have the choice to use them as a cue to say the mantra—liberating them once and for all—and becoming more present as a side effect.
With this simple formula we’re giving permission to the Universe to take care of us. I was stubbornly reluctant at first. I didn’t want to give up the control that was essential to my survival; but life circumstances kept beating me down until my heart was broken and I had no choice but to stop the fight. The withdraw symptoms were uncertainty, insecurity, a sense of being lost, and even depression; but they eventually dissipated. Emptiness was the only thing left, and with it the opening for unknown possibilities. I finally understood that emptiness was the brewing state for miracles.
If you think about it logically, how can a cup be filled with your favorite juice if it isn’t emptied first?



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