Surviving Thanksgiving with grace: 4 tips to have a more joyful time

GobbleHave you wondered why we often feel disappointed at the end of an exhausting Thanksgiving dinner? After many months of preparation and planning, endless calls and emails, coordinating flights and pickup times; why are we still dissatisfied?
I finally understood that if we could change our mind set about this—or any other Holiday—we could chill out and have a good time.

1. Expect nothing: give up the scenarios in your head about the things that you want to do with your family and friends. If you need to plan, be open to unexpected changes and surprises.
2. Give up the story about yourself: because we’re meeting with people who know our history, we tend to stick to it, transforming spontaneous conversations into rehearsed plays. Don’t be afraid to deviate from the script and share the new you. And if you’re judged, keep in mind that judgement is nothing more than self-opinion.
3. You have the right to walk away from opinionated people: because our loved ones want the best for us, they think they’re entitled to give free advice. Even though they are entitled to their opinion, they can’t force you to hear it or to take it seriously.
4. Sharing your life experience is welcomed, but not your opinions about mine: when we talk about someone else’s experience, we are simply speculating. There’s only one life that we can know about—our own.
If you want a meaningful and enriching experience this Holidays, stick to the only thing you can speak about with property—you—and stay away from gossiping and judgement.


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