New Year’s Resolution: breaking the cycle of unfulfilled promises

The best way to make a New Year’s Resolution is to change it into an INTENTION.
The word “resolution” intrinsically carries failure because it’s not grounded in the acceptance of our current situation. It’s instead a rejection of ourselves by wishing to be different. It’s like a self imposed sentence that becomes unbearable, unsustainable, over time. Guilt arises then perpetuating a cycle of broken promises year after year.
An intention, on the other hand, sets our course, the direction toward which we will feel better. In the intention, we are more generic, we don’t disclose “how” we want things to happen. We simply declare “I am abundant” if we want a trip to Hawaii, or “I am healthy” if we want to loose weight.
RESOLUTIONS are promises to ourselves—expectations doomed to disappoint us. INTENTIONS declare our willingness to align with our full potential, what our hearts really desire.



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