The danger of the “spiritual path”

The so called “spiritual path” might deter us from offering “honest feedback” in our relationships. It happened to me after participating in many retreats and self-help-empowering-seminars, at ashrams and fancy hotel conference rooms. When I became “spiritual”, I put myself above the rest. I didn’t allow myself to be angry, or frustrated or sad, like the rest. I wanted so badly to transcend the turmoil of my emotions, that I trained myself to look the other way, to immerse myself in yoga, meditation, and books on philosophy, neglecting my real problems—the relationship with my husband, my mom and my kids.
What I mean by honest feedback is telling your husband that his snoring is driving you crazy, that you’re exhausted cleaning up the mess that your kids leave after a sleepover, or that you’re mad at your friend for arriving late to the meeting. In other words, honest feedback is admitting our humaneness and working from it.
The bottom line is that, unless we accept and even embrace our current state of UNCONSCIOUSNESS, we won’t be able to get better, to transcend our fears, our traumas—all the shit that we believe about ourselves and stops us from embodying happiness in the eternal now.
Being “spiritual” doesn’t solve life challenges—paying the bills or getting along with your kids and husband—it only gives us a better overview of this human experience, so when we are angry, sad or upset, we can witness ourselves and eventually stop taking our thoughts and emotions so seriously.
“There is no spiritual path. The spirit, God, and all that is real cannot be reached by any path. Every path takes time. The spirit is here now – timeless.
There is a physical ‘outer path’ through life which everybody is familiar with. There is also the psychic and psychological ‘inner path’, which is misnamed the ‘spiritual path’. Each path is a different time. The outer is measured in birthdays and years; and the inner is immeasurable. Both lead to death: the physical path to external death which nobody can avoid, and the psychic path to inner death which everybody avoids for as long as possible.”
Barry Long

Clouds and corn


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