What do you mean by accepting things as they are?

What’s acceptance? The acceptance that is spoken about in so many books and lectures? The acceptance of “what is” within and outside of me? Is acceptance love in practice?

Perhaps there is only one acceptance—the acceptance of myself—as I am now, in my current state of consciousness, or should I say unconsciousness? With mistakes and all. Mistakes, the hardest to accept. Are we doomed to make mistakes?

Yes, I make mistakes and I hurt people on the way to enlightenment. Why no one speaks about it? There are no shortcuts on this one. But am I really hurting them? Aren’t they also making mistakes? Why pointing fingers at each other? What’s the use? Aren’t we instead agreeing to a game of mirrors and reflections?

I recently asked my mom for forgiveness for believing that she hurt me, for blaming her, for holding resentment against her. These beliefs hurt the relationship, not her actions.

It’s an acceptance that we make mistakes, and that mistakes are the way we learn and perhaps all the experiences in our lives are leading us to release one single fear—the fear of making mistakes. Our nature is to create, and there’s no creation without mistakes, there’s no innovation without mistakes. And yes, perhaps we will hurt others, or more precisely, others will perceive that we’re hurting them; but it’s a self-imposed suffering. The most loving act is to allow them to suffer, allow them to make mistakes, and allow them to come to their own conclusions—that in reality, there’s nothing outside of them.

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