What a palm tree taught me about free will

  I was watching a palm tree outside the window of my car before going out for dinner with my husband. The leaves were randomly moving in all directions. If I didn’t know of an invisible force called wind, I would have thought that the tree was animated. I wondered in that moment—Isn’t that the way we are too?

Depending on the shape of the leaves—depending on our background and personality—the wind moves the tree in a very specific way—Life takes us in a particular path.

Flatter leaves resist more the wind, hence the need for the palm tree to have thin leaves that can survive the strong winds of the tropics. The same way, we are born with a specific shape. We are female or male, we live in a particular country and historic time, our parents were good at dancing, accounting or music. All of this shaped our personality and set us in a path from birth—either by inspiring us to follow our parents’ footsteps, or by rebelling against them.

The only difference between the palm tree and us is that we have FREE WILL. The palm tree can’t become stiffer at will to resist the wind; but we can. We have the free will to RESIST where Life takes us and complain and resent all the way to the grave. But we also have the free will to be GRATEFUL for everything—even the situations that we dislike—and ALLOW Life to take us to the path of least resistance.

The first choice is supported by the belief that only WE know what’s best for us; the second by the belief that the Universe is on our side and only wants what’s best for us. What do you choose to believe today?


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