You are designed to desire

At the root of every dissatisfaction, there’s a belief that is stopping you from realizing your desires. Only by acting on your unique desires, without expecting a specific result, you can fulfill your life’s purpose—to embody happiness in the eternal now.


As a creator, you’ll inevitably desire. In the pursuit of desires, you’ll meet your resistances—fear based beliefs—so you can release them.

Every desire is paired with the resistance that you are ready to let go in that moment. When you avoid this persuit—because you believe that is bad—you only increase your frustration and your desire for more, combined with guilt and the need for self-punishment. You find yourself in a tug of war where you’re pulled by I should in one direction, and by I want in the opposite.

Have you tried to appease the craving for a chocolate cake with a healthy granola bar? It simply doesn’t work. You usually end up ingesting more calories with various substitutes and feeling guilty on top of it. The very act of labeling the desire as bad, is what attracts you to it.

What if you’re kind to yourself instead, and have that chocolate cake. You’ll be surprise of how little you need to fulfill your desire if you stop suppressing it.

You reap two benefits from your desires. Before acting on them, the act of visualization of your dreams raises your vibration. Then, acting on your desires gives you the opportunity to dismantle your resistances/fears in their many forms—among them self-doubt, guilt, regret, procrastination, and expectation—by emptying your mind. This is the most gruesome step, and avoiding it is the reason your dreams get stuck on visualization boards without ever manifesting. Nothing new can exist in your life if your cup is already full.

So, what do you do? You allow the dance between desiring—with the guidance of an educated ego—and emptying—with blind trust in the heart. You can empty yourself out by surrendering all thoughts to the present that aren’t relevant to the task at hand. You need three ingredients to do that, which form the acronym AOL.
 ALLOW yourself to vent, in private or in the company of a good listener; OBSERVE your unedited—and at times disturbing—thought by getting them out of your head into a voice recorder; LET GO of them by listening to the recording as many times as necessary until you start seeing a smile on your face.

Knowing yourself doesn’t required an effort to understand how your mind works. It only requires observing yourself without judgment, allowing your humanness (ego, emotions, and bodily sensations) to be freely expressed, and letting go of expectations in order to fulfill the only life purpose there is—to embody happiness in the eternal now.



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