We don’t have to agree to someone else’s terms

Relationships are a natural occurrence between two individuals that resonate similarly. Because the common frequency is what keeps them together and gives shape to the relationship, it flows effortlessly without the need to commit to each other. They only commit to themselves, to what works for them, to what keeps them in their natural state of wellbeing.
This kind of relationships morph, expand, contract or dissolve according to the needs of each soul.
Suffering arises when resonance (our current and truthful state of being) is overridden by a belief that dictates “how things SHOULD be”. That’s when the TERMS of the relationship are enforced: we are supposed to be soul mates, we are supposed to having kids, we are supposed to take care of each other when we grow older…
We start accepting all of this “supposes” as our “obligation” and easily loose track of what we are here for: to enjoy, to embody happiness in the eternal now.
As a matter of fact, no one can impose the way we relate to others, no one can demand anything from us; but when it happens, it’s because we gave away that power by believing that the TERMS of the relationship were real and true.
My life is for me to live, in my own terms, and the whole Universe has no choice but to agree to that.



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