What you’re available for is what you’ll experience


 Attracting the things that we like in our lives is about making the time—becoming available for them. If I fill up my day with chores, there won’t be any time left for the activities that I enjoy. It’s simple math.

The reason we put up with a schedule that doesn’t work for us, is because we believe that we HAVE TO, and many times we do; but life is inclusive, it’s about having chores AND fun instead of choosing chores OR fun. It’s a matter of rethinking our priorities. In order to do that, we have to replace the belief that we are victims of outside circumstances for the belief that we are creating our reality with every little choice that we make. I’m talking about the little choice of taking a shower when I wake up—because it’s my favorite activity—instead of starting my day with the chore of preparing breakfast for the family.

Life is like water—it flows toward the path of least resistance. Have you noticed at the beach, that when you dig on the sand, water fills up the holes? In the same way, we make the time (dig the hole) and—by law of attraction—we fill up our day with the wanted or unwanted.

Because we are finite while in this human body, time is our currency. To experience joy, you just allot the time for it.


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