Bloom (published on Clear the Way)


 The One Word Inspiration series is a guest post series on Clear the Way which asks different visiting bloggers to share whatever they are inspired to share when they hear only one word. The word changes each month. I was invited in May to write about bloom. So, here it is:

Among the grasses a flower blooms wide. Its name unknown. — haiku by Japanese poet Masaoka Shiki (1867-1902)

With no identity and for no reason, life happens.

Once a year, for only few days, the lilies in my back yard bloom. Most of the time they are—a not so pretty—stick with four bulbs. But when they bloom, they transform into four flowers. Each one has six white petals with bright magenta lines coming out from their center, where the pistils are also born from. It’s an explosion of abundant majesty. I wish they would stay like that for longer, but I wonder if I would recognize them as much. Perhaps I would take them from granted. It’s their death what makes me appreciate their bloom, their unexpected appearance what keeps me in awe.

When I think of bloom, I think of nature, I think of the transformation of a seed into something beautiful–going from potential to realization in the most effortless way. It’s so effortless, that I don’t have to think or do anything to make it happen. Unlike my life—where I must plan for retirement, study to pass the exam and go to marriage counsel to keep my family together—the spontaneous and easy blooming of a flower reminds me of the power that animates me. But I can’t help it but to take it for granted… until I see the decay around and inside of me.

I want to freeze bloom and observe the lilies—and my body—at their fullest expression for ever. It’s so much prettier than the bare stem with empty bulbs… I put so much effort in perpetuating my house, my body, my memories. Everybody uses rings made out of gold and diamonds, so time won’t touch them, neither the relationships they symbolize. Decay is what we are fighting, but is the permanent blooming an achievable goal? Aren’t the bulbs a bloom in potential? Isn’t decay and bloom opposite sides of the same coin? Isn’t it impossible to have one without the other?


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