You can achieve anything… but is that what you really want?

Even though anything is possible—because THAT is the nature of the universe, unlimited possibilities—not everything is possible FOR YOU. I know this is a bummer, but let me explain.
You like the idea of having any possibility at your reach because you think that you’ll be happy when you materialize it, when you manifest it. You might even think that you’ll fulfill your life purpose when this or that happens.

But the truth is that happiness can only be experienced now, in the embodiment of the present, as it is, no matter what, no strings attached, without prerequisites or conditions. Happiness isn’t excitement. It’s not even an emotion. Happiness is a state of no resistance, of acceptance of what is. It’s neutrality within regardless of the environment and the circumstances.

Now, that that’s clarified, I can explain why not everything is available to you—because you can’t achieve everything and be happy at the same time. Think about it. Is EVERYTHING effortless to you? Does EVERYTHING make your heart sing?

When I was 40, I experienced what is commonly called midlife crisis. My desire to live died because all I believed in, turned out to be a lie, specially the “no pain, no gain” belief. I’d never asked myself what I really wanted because I was too busy going through an endless “to do” list.

I realized that what I really wanted was to be happy. So I started asking myself different questions, “What’s the most exciting thing that I can do now?”, “Do I really enjoy going out with this friend?”, “Is this deal fair to me?”.

I was able to define, in this way, the activities and people that most resonated with me, that were most enjoyable, easier to do. I traded the hyper-achiever for the happier-achiever. 



2 thoughts on “You can achieve anything… but is that what you really want?

  1. Marilu, this is precisely what I needed to read right now. I can only be happy being because being is about the present. And if I cannot be happy being I can certainly never be happy doing regardless of what I am doing.

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