What I’ve learned…

Stay NAIVE in the belief that everything is going to be all right. Because if you don’t trust that this is true, the Universe won’t be able to assist you.Don’t take your thoughts too seriously. Learn to laugh about yourself.

Choose the path of LEAST RESISTANCE, which isn’t the lazy or comfortable one, but the one led by your enthusiasm and joy.

Understand that HAPPINESS can only be experienced now, in the embodiment of the present, as it is, no matter what, no strings attached, without prerequisites or conditions. Happiness isn’t excitement. It’s not even an emotion. Happiness is a state of no-resistance, of acceptance of what-is. It’s neutrality within regardless of the environment and the circumstances.

Keep shifting your perception until you find reasons to be grateful for your circumstances. Only the door of gratitude can open the possibility of a better life. In the end, REALITY is just a point of view.

Be malleable in your BELIEFS. They are meant to be worn like shoes—acquire new ones when you grow and change them to adapt to the season.

Feel comfortable with NOT KNOWING. Isn’t that what wisdom is about—accessing information from emptiness and being the channel for something bigger than ourselves, beyond comprehension?

GIVE UP THE NEED TO BE RIGHT. You’ll be surprised of how much conflict you can resolve and how delightful your relationships can become.

BE HUMAN, and not always a good human, an appropriate or a positive one. Don’t be afraid of exploring all your aspects. Dare to listen to your shadow. Don’t deny its existence, no matter how ugly it may sound.

MAKE MISTAKES, tons of them, because it’s only after the fact, that your window of opportunity to change is going to open.

Admit your mistakes more often and learn to ASK FOR FORGIVENESS without excusing your behavior. Respect the victims of your mistakes in their decision to reject you, but offer amendment without expecting redemption.

FORGIVE instead of forget. Take the time to understand people’s intentions—including your own—so that empathy can give natural birth to pardon.

Practice EMPATHY without losing sight of your boundaries. Practice the art of honest feedback.

Be CURIOUS and take every opportunity to live your own experience. Don’t take as truth someone else’s “life lessons”, not even this one.

Observe and WONDER. Spend more time asking questions than finding answers.

Frequently remind your ego that you are just a stepping stone towards a better life for humanity. That your true value to the whole, is in becoming available to serve; not by self-sacrificing for others, but by EXPRESSING your uniqueness.

Realize that nothing is ever lost—your time, your relationships, your energy—because you’re always gaining in EXPERIENCE.

And most of all, SELF REFLECT. Spend more time alone—discovering your fears, venting out your emotions and finding out what works and doesn’t work for you. It’s the best way to develop more honest—therefore enriching—relationships with yourself and others. 



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